What I want for my birthday this year 🤩🤩

Hi! Is this a strange post to write? Probably! But I still think it would be cool, so here we are. These are the things I’d like to get for my birthday. Obviously, I won’t ask for these to anyone in specific and I don’t count on getting them whatsoever. They’re expensive. But these areContinue reading “What I want for my birthday this year 🤩🤩”

Planning Christmas Gifts – for HER!

I’m actually just going to show you my wish list right now. So, basically, if your girlfriend/friend/mum/daughter/aunt/niece… even a man in your life, honestly, if they’re anything like me, they’ll love this! And if you don’t know me that well, it doesn’t matter, this post will give you some gift ideas! I have a hugeContinue reading “Planning Christmas Gifts – for HER!”

It’s MY birthday! *24*

Today, I’m 24 and I can’t even believe it. The years have flown by… So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go and have the best day!   Happy best day, catreaders!  

Happy birthday, little sis!

It is with my greatest honour and love that I wish you the happiest 19th birthday! The woman you’re becoming represents everything you have experienced in your life, and the hard work you’ve been putting into your studies just goes to show you’ll be the strongest and most independent person you can be. I’m notContinue reading “Happy birthday, little sis!”