Living with Type 1 Diabetes – update

Hi, friends! Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a good day and a great start to this new week. Today I’d like to share with you a little more about how I feel/have been feeling living with T1D. I hope you get to know me and this disease a little more from my words andContinue reading “Living with Type 1 Diabetes – update”

Periods and hormones | Diabet’Series

Hi, girlies! And boys? Monday’s here are synonym of Diabet’Series, a fun simple way for me to educate anyone who’d like to know more about diabetes (type 1 mostly because they work differently and I cannot speak for someone with type 2). Today I really wanted to discuss with you my time of the month,Continue reading “Periods and hormones | Diabet’Series”

3 months testing | Diabet’Series

Hi friends! Another Monday, another Diabet’Series! I hope these have been helping you understand this disease a little better. And hopefully help you be a little more comprehensive when you meet someone with diabetes and not just just to the conclusion they eat lots of sweets and pastries. In today’s post, I want to talkContinue reading “3 months testing | Diabet’Series”