2018 Goals – what I’ve accomplished so far

Hi, everyone! Welcome back! This is an exciting post! My goals for 2018 and what I’ve actually accomplished so far! First things first, my goals for 2018 are the following: And from this beautiful long list, I’ve now (being half of 2018 already) accomplished the following: 1. Study calligraphy! Done! I’m not great at it,Continue reading “2018 Goals – what I’ve accomplished so far”

My Bullet Journal!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! 😊 Or if you’re new here, welcome! It’s lovely to see you around! How was your weekend, guys? Ours was definitely full of magic! The weather has been lovely and we’ve been out a lot more. I got my summer clothes out of their boxes and I’m going to be puttingContinue reading “My Bullet Journal!”