Easter Mini Eggs Cheesecake: You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This One!

Heya, Easter’s finally coming up, which means you’re allowed to eat ALL the chocolate you truly want! And to make things easier for you, Jane at Jane’s Patisserie has given us all the pleasure of making this mouth-watering cheesecake! I mean, it looks heaven-sent! If you don’t know Jane yet, please do check out herContinue reading “Easter Mini Eggs Cheesecake: You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This One!”

The perfect pumpkin pie recipe: Easy 🥧🥧

Hi, everyone! Because Thanksgiving’s around the corner, I thought this was the perfect time to share with you my favourite pumpkin pie recipe! This is an easy one, of course, because I hate spending too long baking. Shall we get down to business? // 🇵🇹 Olá a todos! Decidi partilhar esta receita fantástica de tarteContinue reading “The perfect pumpkin pie recipe: Easy 🥧🥧”

Valentine’s Day Treats!

Hi! Welcome to Valentine’s Day post 2! Today is all about the treats! Not actual food – that’s coming soon! – but treats you can have after dinner or throughout the day! How delicious is this?!I’ve gathered a few amazing treats from different bloggers, which I will obviously give the deserved credit below each picture.Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Treats!”

Moving to another city/country | Make it home!

Hi, beauties! How are you doing today? The sun’s still going strong, much to my appreciation! It really makes the process of moving and getting to know your new place a whole lot easier! Today I’ll be talking about making it your home! Something I’m always looking forward to when moving. Read my parts 1,Continue reading “Moving to another city/country | Make it home!”