Easter Dos & Donts: A Guide (to having FUN)

Heya, guys! Welcome back! And welcome to a lovely guide on what to do and not do for Easter! Cos it’s Easter timmmmmmmmmmmmmme! *finally* So, I thought it would be funny to create this list of Do’s and Dont’s, but don’t take this seriously, it’s really just for fun. You do whatever you wanna doContinue reading “Easter Dos & Donts: A Guide (to having FUN)”

Blogmas Day 3: A rainy one

Hey, everyone! Today was raining all day, unfortunately. And I’m truly exhausted now. I’ve even changed the times of these posts because I had chosen 4pm as the posting time, but it’s nearly impossible for me to write them and post them before 8pm. So, they’re gonna come a little later than my usual time,Continue reading “Blogmas Day 3: A rainy one”

Home decor – dos & donts

Hello! How are you all today? I’m very happy to be sharing with you all a little bit of my do’s and don’ts for when decorating our homes! These are my own little personal rules, so don’t feel obliged to follow them, but keep in mind that I inhale decor and flipping houses tv programsContinue reading “Home decor – dos & donts”

Desenio! The best wall art!

Hi, friends! I’ve been meaning to talk about Desenio for a while now because I’ve been obsessing over their prints for a long time! I see YouTubers and bloggers all raving about them so I really wanted to join the party! 😎 I’m going to share with you the prints I got from them someContinue reading “Desenio! The best wall art!”

DIY furniture

Hi, catreaders! I’m thrilled to shared this new post with you! I love DIY projects and I had been looking into getting my hands dirty in an easy-cool-not-too-messy one! So, we bought this division (or bookshelf) for our living room last year. I hated it! When I bought it online, I thought it would beContinue reading “DIY furniture”

My October goals!

Hello, readers! I haven’t been here these days, I know. I have explained most of it last month (here) but I’m coming back! And I bring tons of new things to talk to you about! Today, because it is the beginning of October, I really want to share my new goals with you! I haveContinue reading “My October goals!”

Easter | Decorations & Postcards

Hi, loves! Today I’m bringing you a little bit of Easter! I love Easter, it’s such a happy time with my family and it’s Spring and just overall so cheerful! So, I just love it! And thinking about doing cute things for Easter is also exciting for me! Therefore, I decided to show you myContinue reading “Easter | Decorations & Postcards”

Moving to another city/country | Make it home!

Hi, beauties! How are you doing today? The sun’s still going strong, much to my appreciation! It really makes the process of moving and getting to know your new place a whole lot easier! Today I’ll be talking about making it your home! Something I’m always looking forward to when moving. Read my parts 1,Continue reading “Moving to another city/country | Make it home!”