The Chinese Venice!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to another post on this beautiful Tuesday! I hope you are doing very well! Today I have a bit of a traveling/discovery post! And, of course you know this already because you read the title, I’m going to show you the Chinese Venice! So, the Chinese Venice is in Jiangnan literally meaningContinue reading “The Chinese Venice!”

Meandering in Frankfurt

Hi, friends! How are you doing in this chilly weather? I think I mentioned this before, but I’m having to learn how to dress all over again. Layers and more layers and what kind of layers and what nots. I can’t believe how lucky I was growing up in a 80%-great-weather-country! Even though, snow isContinue reading “Meandering in Frankfurt”

Normandy | Travel Series

Hi, beautiful people! How’s your week going? Have you already made some plans for the weekend? Today, I’m very happy because it’s been 3 years I’ve met my dearest and bestest friend. How strange is it that when you meet someone you don’t know it straight away, but that person might change your whole life?Continue reading “Normandy | Travel Series”

Tampere, Finland | Travel Series

Hey everyone! How are you doing today? Have you tried the protein balls I posted yesterday? Ours are still yummy and I did them last Sunday! Well, today I have another destination to talk about. We really love travelling and going to Finland had been in our bucket list, at least, since 2014. Last summerContinue reading “Tampere, Finland | Travel Series”