Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

Hi! Welcome back! Yesterday I created a little list on gifts for him, so today this is my list for her! Obviously, there are many gifts that are not gender-oriented, therefore I’ll be reusing some of the items from yesterday’s list, because personally, I’d love to receive them myself! Ready? Let’s go! Why not getContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her”

Blogmas Day 4: DIYs as gifts for Christmas

Hi! I don’t know if you know this, but I love DIYing Christmas gifts. Everyone gets something a little different, it can be really cheap to make and it’s always personal and unique. 2 years ago, I made my first DIYs for Christmas and fell in love with them so I didn’t feel like doingContinue reading “Blogmas Day 4: DIYs as gifts for Christmas”

Blogmas Day 3: A rainy one

Hey, everyone! Today was raining all day, unfortunately. And I’m truly exhausted now. I’ve even changed the times of these posts because I had chosen 4pm as the posting time, but it’s nearly impossible for me to write them and post them before 8pm. So, they’re gonna come a little later than my usual time,Continue reading “Blogmas Day 3: A rainy one”

My Bullet Journal!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! 😊 Or if you’re new here, welcome! It’s lovely to see you around! How was your weekend, guys? Ours was definitely full of magic! The weather has been lovely and we’ve been out a lot more. I got my summer clothes out of their boxes and I’m going to be puttingContinue reading “My Bullet Journal!”

Valentine’s Day Letters

Hi, everyone! Welcome back! Today, I want to talk about letters! Because letters make everything a lot more special and because when I was in middle school, we used to receive letters from secret admirers! It was great! It made everyone feel special because everyone would get one! And they were oh-so sweet! I gotContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Letters”

Valentine’s Day Gift DIY

Hi! Welcome back! If you haven’t already check my two other today’s posts on Valentine’s here to read about make-up and here to read about a VDay menu! I am a true believer on DIYing anything, but especially on VDay, you want to go the extra mile to show your partner that you are willingContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift DIY”

DIY furniture

Hi, catreaders! I’m thrilled to shared this new post with you! I love DIY projects and I had been looking into getting my hands dirty in an easy-cool-not-too-messy one! So, we bought this division (or bookshelf) for our living room last year. I hated it! When I bought it online, I thought it would beContinue reading “DIY furniture”

Hairstyles & Make-up for the NYEve

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re still enjoying your holidays or if you’re working, just think today’s Friday so you’ll get to enjoy it tomorrow! Today I thought it was interesting AND important to talk about hair and make-up for the New Year’s Eve! Even if you’re not going out to a party or to aContinue reading “Hairstyles & Make-up for the NYEve”

Working out | Diabet’Series

Hi, everyone! It’s a Monday, the start of a fresh new week! How is today going for you? The bad weather has arrived and it’ll stay, apparently. Yesterday, it was so windy, I thought my windows would be knocked off. But even with disgusting weather outside, I’ve been trying to keep a certain rhythm whenContinue reading “Working out | Diabet’Series”

Inkbox – The Semi-Permanent Tattoos you need!

Hi, girlies! Welcome back! I’m so stocked to talk about this! I’ve been waiting for way too long to write this post! I’ve been trying Inkbox for the last few weeks and I ONLY have great things to say about these tattoos! Let’s start with first things first. When you buy a kit, this isContinue reading “Inkbox – The Semi-Permanent Tattoos you need!”