Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! How are you spending this beautiful day? I wanted to pop by to wish you all an amazing and warm Easter, hopefully spent with your loved ones! Have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow! x Happy Easter Day, catreaders!  

Easter Treats!

Hello, beauties! We’re so close to Easter, I can smell it! And talking about smelling something sweet, today I decided I’d show you my favourite Easter treats! I have 3 options today! I chose these two because they are extremely easy to make and with just a few ingredients! When I’m stressed I can’t beContinue reading “Easter Treats!”

Easter Beauty | Outfits, Make-up & Hairstyles

Hi, loves! How are you doing today? I’m super psyched that Easter is coming and we’re halfway through this week! The weather’s great too! What else could we ask for? Clothes! And looks for Easter day, right? So, that’s what I’m bringing you today! A few items that I chose from different brands (one perContinue reading “Easter Beauty | Outfits, Make-up & Hairstyles”

Easter | Decorations & Postcards

Hi, loves! Today I’m bringing you a little bit of Easter! I love Easter, it’s such a happy time with my family and it’s Spring and just overall so cheerful! So, I just love it! And thinking about doing cute things for Easter is also exciting for me! Therefore, I decided to show you myContinue reading “Easter | Decorations & Postcards”