Too Good To Go – App Review

Hi! How are you doing? I feel like the sun wants to finally come back to us and enrich our dull days! I cannot deal with the weather right now. It’s sunny and rainy and sunny and stormy and cloudy and sunny again. It’s freaking May. The sun should be coming out every single damnContinue reading “Too Good To Go – App Review”

Working out | Diabet’Series

Hi, everyone! It’s a Monday, the start of a fresh new week! How is today going for you? The bad weather has arrived and it’ll stay, apparently. Yesterday, it was so windy, I thought my windows would be knocked off. But even with disgusting weather outside, I’ve been trying to keep a certain rhythm whenContinue reading “Working out | Diabet’Series”

Be as healthy as BigBadWegan! Or at least, try…

-Written by Big Bag Wegan– Hey there! When Cat asked me to do a post on some of my favourite recipes I got super excited. As a typical vegan I am all about sharing my lifestyle. Before we get any further I do have to tell you guys about Cat! We met in college –Continue reading “Be as healthy as BigBadWegan! Or at least, try…”

Sprayers – Other uses!

Hi, beautiful people! How are you doing? Ready for another week? Here in France it’s a public holiday, so we had a long weekend, which I must say, felt wonderful! And today I’m bringing you a little hack I decided to start using in the kitchen. This is such a simple hack that could helpContinue reading “Sprayers – Other uses!”

Light tiramisù – HealthIER version

Hi, everyone! How are you doing? I’m so excited to share this new recipe! And especially because this is in ENGLISH, FRANCAIS, PORTUGUÊS and ESPAÑOL! How exciting! This is such an easy and delicious dessert! One of my friends gave me this recipe last year, and I’ve been in love! It is super light too,Continue reading “Light tiramisù – HealthIER version”

Valentine’s Day | Dinner Ideas

Hey, everyone! How are you feeling today? This week the weather has been so gloomy here, that you really feel like staying in bed and watch Netflix all day. However, no one has the time to Netflix and chill when Valentine’s Day is approaching! By the way, have you seen my make-up inspiration looks fromContinue reading “Valentine’s Day | Dinner Ideas”

Quick & Easy Salad HPLF | Cookat Time

Hi there, everyone! How is your week going? Mine is busy! But the sun has decided to shine around here and I feel full of Vitamin D! Nothing better than some sunlight to brighten up your week! So, today I’m going to share with you a super quick and easy salad you can throw inContinue reading “Quick & Easy Salad HPLF | Cookat Time”

PB Protein Balls | Cookat Time

Hi, lovies! How are you today? I’m feeling great! The sun is still here and I’ve had a very positive day! And how was your day? Today, I decided to share another recipe with you! We just tried making them this last Sunday and they’re a hit! They’re so filling and so yummy! They haveContinue reading “PB Protein Balls | Cookat Time”