An introspection of past relationships – Part 4: The One 💖💖

Ready for a part 4? If you haven’t read my past ones, do it here: 1, 2 & 3! These are coming to an end soon! (Unfortunately? Or fortunately if you’re the type of person who thinks 5 relationships in a lifetime are way too many. And with this, you’re told there will be aContinue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 4: The One 💖💖”

An introspection of past relationships – Part 3 😖🤥

Hi, readers! Welcome back to another little introspection of one of my relationships! I find these a little personal but at the same time, I’m not using any names and you seem to be enjoying them, so I guess I’ll keep writing! Moreover, this is a great therapy sesh for me! I can think overContinue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 3 😖🤥”

2018 Goals – what I’ve accomplished so far

Hi, everyone! Welcome back! This is an exciting post! My goals for 2018 and what I’ve actually accomplished so far! First things first, my goals for 2018 are the following: And from this beautiful long list, I’ve now (being half of 2018 already) accomplished the following: 1. Study calligraphy! Done! I’m not great at it,Continue reading “2018 Goals – what I’ve accomplished so far”

Inspirational chats 011 🌈

Hi! Welcome to a new ‘inspirational chats’! I love writing and choosing what things to show you on these! They’re honestly one of my favourite posts because I get to share with you things that inspire me! I found this video on Facebook a few days ago and thought it would be perfect for anotherContinue reading “Inspirational chats 011 🌈”

My Bullet Journal!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! 😊 Or if you’re new here, welcome! It’s lovely to see you around! How was your weekend, guys? Ours was definitely full of magic! The weather has been lovely and we’ve been out a lot more. I got my summer clothes out of their boxes and I’m going to be puttingContinue reading “My Bullet Journal!”

My Goodreads Challenge – February Edition

Hi, everyone! I am definitely back this time! I have been quite busy with many other things in my life and decided to put the blog on hold for a few days. But we’re in a new month, Spring is almost here and I’m excited to do a little wrap-up of my goodreads challenge soContinue reading “My Goodreads Challenge – February Edition”

Inspirational chats 007

Hi! Another very powerful video I’d like to share with you today. To end this week the best way, to make you think about what you can do to change an unhappy life. This made me tear up, but what else is new? Enjoy! And again, this video was taken from Goalcast Facebook Page. They’reContinue reading “Inspirational chats 007”

Inspirational chats 006

Hey, guys! Happy Saturday! I hope you have a great weekend! To start the year and this weekend right, I wanted to share with you another video that I found very inspiring! This time this is a YouTube video posted by a girl I love so much! She’s the best one at spreading confidence andContinue reading “Inspirational chats 006”

Inspirational chats 005

Hi, readers! Today I’m later than I should be, but it’s been a tough few weeks and my original post wasn’t even finished. I decided to write and share with you this amazing video instead! I presented this to one of my classes and they loved it. Even L and I are doing a challengeContinue reading “Inspirational chats 005”

Inspirational chats 004

Hey, everyone! I have to admit this week has been way too difficult. I’ve just started a new job and I’m finding it difficult to juggle everything, especially the blog! I am putting other things first, especially my health, however I really love sharing my life and happy things with you all, so today I’mContinue reading “Inspirational chats 004”