Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

Hi! Welcome back! Yesterday I created a little list on gifts for him, so today this is my list for her! Obviously, there are many gifts that are not gender-oriented, therefore I’ll be reusing some of the items from yesterday’s list, because personally, I’d love to receive them myself! Ready? Let’s go! Why not getContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her”

Valentine’s Day: Dinner ideas to cook under 30min

Hello! Now that we’ve entered the Valentine’s rollercoaster, I want to share with you a few lovely recipes I found and loved, and they will only take you 30min or less to cook! Each link to the recipe can be found under the photo. Let’s dig in! This is a lovely Prawn Risotto that willContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Dinner ideas to cook under 30min”