Quick! Book your next flight to Budapest! Here’s why… ✈️

Hi! Welcome back! Today we’re flying off to Budapest! I’ve been dreaming of visiting Budapest for so many years that I decided I should convince you (and me) why it’s a great country to visit! Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a country in Eastern Europe. One of the reasons why you should consider BudapestContinue reading “Quick! Book your next flight to Budapest! Here’s why… ✈️”

An introspection of past relationships – Part 5: The Last One 😳🙀😭

Hi, everyone! This is it. The last one of this series. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. It’s definitely been one of the hardest series I’ve ever done and some of the most intimate and also difficult posts to write. Once again, if you haven’t already, look at my numbers 1, 2,Continue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 5: The Last One 😳🙀😭”

An introspection of past relationships – Part 4: The One 💖💖

Ready for a part 4? If you haven’t read my past ones, do it here: 1, 2 & 3! These are coming to an end soon! (Unfortunately? Or fortunately if you’re the type of person who thinks 5 relationships in a lifetime are way too many. And with this, you’re told there will be aContinue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 4: The One 💖💖”

Travelling for a month? ➡️ Packing Essentials 🛫

Hi! If you’re thinking of travelling soon, if you’re travelling for a long period of time, and if you don’t know how to pack (because you’re only allowed 10kg), you came to the right place! This summer I travelled for a month with only one 30L backpack and these are my packing essentials! **Summer first**Continue reading “Travelling for a month? ➡️ Packing Essentials 🛫”

An introspection of past relationships – Part 3 😖🤥

Hi, readers! Welcome back to another little introspection of one of my relationships! I find these a little personal but at the same time, I’m not using any names and you seem to be enjoying them, so I guess I’ll keep writing! Moreover, this is a great therapy sesh for me! I can think overContinue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 3 😖🤥”

Liebster Award – I was nominated!

Hi friends! So I was nominated for the Liebster Award! How cool is that? And it was the wonderful, amazing Sophie who nominated me for this! She’s truly talented, please check her blog and prepare to be amazed! So, Sophie has written down a few questions I need to answer. Check them below! What madeContinue reading “Liebster Award – I was nominated!”

My goals for July!

Hi, loves! So I’ve been very away from here, but I have a great reason why. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks and so with my family and best friends in my home country. I needed time for them and for myself, so I had to be away! I hope you don’t mind, and IContinue reading “My goals for July!”

It’s true! Venice IS the city of l.o.v.e!

Hello, beautifuls! I know I promised photos from Venezia, so here we are! I chose a few from my humongous collection and if you have any questions, please ask! Venice was a lot more than I had expected. I knew it was beautiful and romantic, from what everyone else says, but I’m always a bitContinue reading “It’s true! Venice IS the city of l.o.v.e!”

Please, make mistakes & learn a language!

Hi, beauties! How are you doing today? So, I really really wanted to talk about this because I feel like it is not talked enough. Being a languages learner myself, I know how stressful it is to actually speak and use the language you’re learning. More importantly, I know how dreadful it feels to speakContinue reading “Please, make mistakes & learn a language!”

Sprayers – Other uses!

Hi, beautiful people! How are you doing? Ready for another week? Here in France it’s a public holiday, so we had a long weekend, which I must say, felt wonderful! And today I’m bringing you a little hack I decided to start using in the kitchen. This is such a simple hack that could helpContinue reading “Sprayers – Other uses!”