Zodiac Series: The Capricorn ♑

Hi, guys! Welcome back to another Zodiac post. This one is about Capricorns. I have quite a few Capricorn friends actually and a couple of family members too, one of them being my dad. Therefore, I find this post to be extremely interesting but also really fun to write. I hope I’ll do you allContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Capricorn ♑”

An introspection of past relationships – Part 5: The Last One 😳🙀😭

Hi, everyone! This is it. The last one of this series. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. It’s definitely been one of the hardest series I’ve ever done and some of the most intimate and also difficult posts to write. Once again, if you haven’t already, look at my numbers 1, 2,Continue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 5: The Last One 😳🙀😭”

An introspection of past relationships – Part 4: The One 💖💖

Ready for a part 4? If you haven’t read my past ones, do it here: 1, 2 & 3! These are coming to an end soon! (Unfortunately? Or fortunately if you’re the type of person who thinks 5 relationships in a lifetime are way too many. And with this, you’re told there will be aContinue reading “An introspection of past relationships – Part 4: The One 💖💖”


Thank you. This is my thank you note for the best man in my life. I know it’s corny, and that is why I’m doing it. This man has changed me and my life more than I would ever, ever dream of and he deserves a trillion of million of billions (I’m not good atContinue reading “A THANK YOU note.”

Limerick, the city where I found love!

There’s a time for everything, and this is the moment where I’ll write about my first big experience travelling abroad and alone. In January of 2014, I went to Ireland to study at the University of Limerick (in Limerick). I was very excited, and also very nervous! It was a big step for me, butContinue reading “Limerick, the city where I found love!”

It’s true! Venice IS the city of l.o.v.e!

Hello, beautifuls! I know I promised photos from Venezia, so here we are! I chose a few from my humongous collection and if you have any questions, please ask! Venice was a lot more than I had expected. I knew it was beautiful and romantic, from what everyone else says, but I’m always a bitContinue reading “It’s true! Venice IS the city of l.o.v.e!”

A Short Story: Part 3

And, finally, here’s part 3! The last one of this mini-series. I hope you enjoy it! 3. She smiled. She had being waiting to hear these heart-stopping words since they had started talking years ago. However, she couldn’t pronounce those words to him. It wasn’t as if she didn’t feel them completely, she did, herContinue reading “A Short Story: Part 3”

Valentine’s Day | Gift Ideas

Hi! My week on Valentine’s Day is getting to an end, but I didn’t want to finish this series without talking about gifts options, if that’s something you’re interested in! But first, check my previous posts, if you haven’t already! From outfits under 25€, dinner ideas, make-up options or even why I choose to celebrateContinue reading “Valentine’s Day | Gift Ideas”

Valentine’s Day | Dinner Ideas

Hey, everyone! How are you feeling today? This week the weather has been so gloomy here, that you really feel like staying in bed and watch Netflix all day. However, no one has the time to Netflix and chill when Valentine’s Day is approaching! By the way, have you seen my make-up inspiration looks fromContinue reading “Valentine’s Day | Dinner Ideas”

Valentine’s Day | Make-up Ideas

Hi, beauties! How are you today? Have you checked my Valentine’s Day: Outfit Ideas from yesterday? I am so in love with some of those items! And all under 25€? Please, take my card! So, we’re all dressed up, all we need now is to talk about make-up! Of course I love make-up and IContinue reading “Valentine’s Day | Make-up Ideas”