Calm, the app you NEED! Pt 2

Hi, loves! How are you today? It’s almost the weekend, so let’s relax! And here in France, Friday is a public holiday, so HOORAY! Also, it’s a LOT cooler so it’s actually possible to breathe and work! And relax! Today, as promised, I’m bringing you some extra information on the app Calm that I toldContinue reading “Calm, the app you NEED! Pt 2”

Calm, the app you NEED!

Hi, friends! I ended up not posting yesterday because I had completely forgotten I was going to the doctor, and I didn’t have time to finish writing this post! However, I was very excited to share this app with you so I decided I would write about it today! I found out about this app,Continue reading “Calm, the app you NEED!”