Halloween Prep: Make-up Tutorials 💄

Hi, guys! Halloween’s very close so I thought it would be a cool idea to share with you my favourite make-up tutorials, especially created for Halloween! Now, I don’t necessarily love Halloween because I’m dead scared of it. Yep. I just can’t deal with the whole scary situation. However, I love the idea of it,Continue reading “Halloween Prep: Make-up Tutorials 💄”

Laos should be in your bucket list: 10 reasons why

Hi, guys! If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Asia, Laos is a beautiful place to start your trip. And if you’ve never thought of Laos as a must-visit, I’m giving you 10 reasons why you should definitely add it to your bucket list! Here they are: 1. The viewpoint Nong Khiaw! Wow! Look atContinue reading “Laos should be in your bucket list: 10 reasons why”