The Beauty and the Beast Tag 🌹

Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to complete this amazing tag that I first saw at Mel to the Any! How magical will this be? Well, I hope you find it magical. ➽ BELLE: A BOOK YOU BOUGHT FOR ITS BEAUTIFUL COVER THAT’S JUST AS BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE TOO: Wickham Hall This one was justContinue reading “The Beauty and the Beast Tag 🌹”

Liebster Award – I was nominated!

Hi friends! So I was nominated for the Liebster Award! How cool is that? And it was the wonderful, amazing Sophie who nominated me for this! She’s truly talented, please check her blog and prepare to be amazed! So, Sophie has written down a few questions I need to answer. Check them below! What madeContinue reading “Liebster Award – I was nominated!”

Inspirational chats 003

Hi, friends! As I’ve been really enjoying these, I thought about making them a weekly post. I love being inspired by others. Motivational talks and TED talks usually get me very productive! I always make sure to watch a couple every week, or you know, every day! The one I chose today is a veryContinue reading “Inspirational chats 003”

25 Facts about Me

Hi, everyone! So, today I’m going to complete this tag ’25 facts about me’ that Kiki at Abookwormsite very kindly tagged me in! She’s also done hers, check it out here! And go have a look around in her blog, because she is the loveliest girlie! So, this was a little difficult to finish becauseContinue reading “25 Facts about Me”

Essence Haul, cat or not?

Hi, catreaders! How are you today? So, I decided I really want to do a kind of ‘hot or not’ of some Essence beauty products I got. I called it ‘cat or not’, you know, because this is A Reading Cat. Is this a good name? Do you have any cool ideas? For just thisContinue reading “Essence Haul, cat or not?”