How to Style Knee High Boots 👢

Hi, gals and pals! The cold has knocked on our doors and has invited himself over. I think he’s here to stay. But that’s a great excuse to get your knee-high books out of the closet and use them! How, you may ask? Here’s my top 5 of how to style knee-high boots: A simpleContinue reading “How to Style Knee High Boots 👢”

Limerick, the city where I found love!

There’s a time for everything, and this is the moment where I’ll write about my first big experience travelling abroad and alone. In January of 2014, I went to Ireland to study at the University of Limerick (in Limerick). I was very excited, and also very nervous! It was a big step for me, butContinue reading “Limerick, the city where I found love!”

Moving to another city/country | Important documents

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 3 days straight where the sun has decided to come out, amazing! I love working during sunny days and even feel like going out more! Does this happen to you too? Today, I’m continuing my series ‘Moving to another city/country’ – read the first two here and here.Continue reading “Moving to another city/country | Important documents”

Moving to another city/country | Finding the right place!

Hi, loves! How are you feeling today? It’s a new week and great things are to come! Let’s start this week with a smile on our faces and with an open heart! As promised, today I’m writing about moving to another city or country. This will be a week’s series and I’ll talk about aContinue reading “Moving to another city/country | Finding the right place!”