Zodiac Series: The Virgo ♍

Hi guys! This one was truly fun to research and write about! I love Virgos! Technically, I shouldn’t because we’re not that compatible, but I have to say I have tons of Virgo friends and I’ve had many relationships with Virgos too. So, I think that means something. Also, obviously, my beautiful L is aContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Virgo ♍”

Zodiac Series: The Aquarius ♒

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to this Zodiac Series! If you haven’t already, check my first post of this series, the Sagittarius, here. I started off by writing about myself and today it’s Aquarius turn. And I know a few lovely Aquarius and one just happens to be my sister (slash best friend!) so let’s getContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Aquarius ♒”

Zodiac Series: The Sagittarius 💖

Hi! I got inspired to do this by Shaaanxo (check out her channel if you don’t know her, she’s lovely!) and because I’m all round obsessed with the Zodiac. I always feel like I must know what sign a person is to get a better picture of how they are. It’s not as extreme asContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Sagittarius 💖”