Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! Let this day be filled with love and companionship! I hope you all have a great one and spend it in the best way possible. See you all soon!

Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

Hi! Welcome back! Yesterday I created a little list on gifts for him, so today this is my list for her! Obviously, there are many gifts that are not gender-oriented, therefore I’ll be reusing some of the items from yesterday’s list, because personally, I’d love to receive them myself! Ready? Let’s go! Why not getContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her”

Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Him

Hi, everyone! I had some technical issues on this post before, but I’m reposting it again! I thought it would be cool (and probably useful) to create a list of gifts for him. Well, they’re quite a bit gender-neutral but another list of gifts for her is coming up soon, so come back for that!Continue reading “Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Him”

Valentine’s Day: Movie List to Watch with your Bae

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing with you a movie list that you can watch on your own, with your best-friends or with your S.O.! In this list, you’ll see some of my favourite movies of all time and some others that I’ve also loved watching and think will be a perfect choice for your Valentine’sContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Movie List to Watch with your Bae”

Valentine’s Day: Dinner ideas to cook under 30min

Hello! Now that we’ve entered the Valentine’s rollercoaster, I want to share with you a few lovely recipes I found and loved, and they will only take you 30min or less to cook! Each link to the recipe can be found under the photo. Let’s dig in! This is a lovely Prawn Risotto that willContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Dinner ideas to cook under 30min”

Will you…? on VDay!

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! Woohoo! The day is finally here! How was yours? I hope you had/are having an absolutely amazing day with everything you’d hoped for! Our 14th February is always important, not exactly because of Valentine’s, but because it was our first kiss! *sigh* It wasn’t actually planned and we weren’t even datingContinue reading “Will you…? on VDay!”

Valentine’s Day, no stress!

Hi, friends! It IS tomorrow! Does it get any more exciting than this? I don’t think so! But it can get pretty nerve-wracking too! I mean, I love getting ready, the butterflies-in-your-belly-feeling just like it was your first date… I love feeling anxious because it means something special will happen, something you truly want toContinue reading “Valentine’s Day, no stress!”

Valentine’s Day Letters

Hi, everyone! Welcome back! Today, I want to talk about letters! Because letters make everything a lot more special and because when I was in middle school, we used to receive letters from secret admirers! It was great! It made everyone feel special because everyone would get one! And they were oh-so sweet! I gotContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Letters”

Valentine’s Day – start the day right!

Hi! I hope you’re having a great Sunday! So, let’s talk about how to start this special day right! I am a firm believer that small actions are worth more than 1 big gesture! And because of this, I think starting Valentine’s off the right way is important! So, why not make a delicious breakfastContinue reading “Valentine’s Day – start the day right!”

Valentine’s Day Gift DIY

Hi! Welcome back! If you haven’t already check my two other today’s posts on Valentine’s here to read about make-up and here to read about a VDay menu! I am a true believer on DIYing anything, but especially on VDay, you want to go the extra mile to show your partner that you are willingContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift DIY”