Halloween Prep: Make-up Tutorials 💄

Hi, guys! Halloween’s very close so I thought it would be a cool idea to share with you my favourite make-up tutorials, especially created for Halloween! Now, I don’t necessarily love Halloween because I’m dead scared of it. Yep. I just can’t deal with the whole scary situation. However, I love the idea of it,Continue reading “Halloween Prep: Make-up Tutorials 💄”

Valentine’s Day Make-up 2018

Hi, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few days, but I promised you 10 different Valentine’s Day posts, and I intend on keeping my promise! So, today I’ll have 3 posts up starting with this one! I hope you’re excited because Valentine’s is just around the corner! First of all, I’d like toContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Make-up 2018”

Favourite YouTubers atm!

Hi, everyone! I decided I would share with you my favourite youtubers at the moment! I have several and I kind of fall off watching some and a couple of weeks/months later, I start watching them again. The ones I’ve been following/watching their videos for a while and always love (even if I don’t watchContinue reading “Favourite YouTubers atm!”

Inspirational chats 006

Hey, guys! Happy Saturday! I hope you have a great weekend! To start the year and this weekend right, I wanted to share with you another video that I found very inspiring! This time this is a YouTube video posted by a girl I love so much! She’s the best one at spreading confidence andContinue reading “Inspirational chats 006”

Inspirational chats 003

Hi, friends! As I’ve been really enjoying these, I thought about making them a weekly post. I love being inspired by others. Motivational talks and TED talks usually get me very productive! I always make sure to watch a couple every week, or you know, every day! The one I chose today is a veryContinue reading “Inspirational chats 003”

Valentine’s Day | Make-up Ideas

Hi, beauties! How are you today? Have you checked my Valentine’s Day: Outfit Ideas from yesterday? I am so in love with some of those items! And all under 25€? Please, take my card! So, we’re all dressed up, all we need now is to talk about make-up! Of course I love make-up and IContinue reading “Valentine’s Day | Make-up Ideas”